The black panther habitat is where their basic needs for food, water, shelter, and reproduction is met. They have adapted to living in a wide variety of habitats within their range. Their habitats include rainforest, marshlands, woodlands, swamps, savannahs, and even mountains and deserts.

      One reason that the panther is allowed to live in such a variety of habitats is that they can eat many different kind of animals. There food include various species of mammals, reptiles, and birds, all of which live in different habitats. They are also able to live in human-populated areas more effectively than any other big cats if they have to.
     Black panthers are found mainly in dense rainforest areas.  The dark coat of black panthers provides good camouflage at night or in dense forest areas.  Such camouflage helps them to avoid dangerous enemies and to stalk and approach their prey without being noticed.  These areas do not attract human dwellers or even hunters.  
    Black panthers can survive only in natural communities which provide good habitat areas for them; however, the black panthers' habitats and natural communities are threatened by human beings
and enviromental deterioration.


 This Picture is a black panther in the grass roaring! 

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